Identity Access Software - Guide to licensing the product

Identity Access Software - Guide to licensing the product

This is a guide on how to apply an IA-Professional / IA-Enterprise license to the Identity Access software -

1.     If you have already installed the software skip to step 2. otherwise please download the Identity Access software from

Alternatively, if you have purchased a USB key with the software please follow the instructions on the box.

2.     After installing the Identity Access software, run the Licensing Utility. This can be found in Start Menu > Controlsoft > Licensing Utility.

3.     Next select 'Installation of a new protection key' for new a Identity Access license request or 'Update of existing protection key' if you already have an Identity Access license installed and you are upgrading to IA 9.1.x

  New IA license -                                                     Update of an existing license to IA 9.1 -

4.     Click the 'Collect Information' button.

5.     Give this c2v file a name relating to your site and save it in a location where you can easily access the file (e.g. on the desktop).

6.     Email this file to along with your license reference number. You will have been sent a license reference code after placing an order for an Identity Access license or if you have a USB it can be located on the front of the case.

7.     Tech Support will reply to your email with a v2c file attached.

8.     Please save this file on the IA Server (e.g. on the desktop).

9.    Re-run the Licensing Utility and select the Apply License File tab from the top menu-


10.  From the Update File Section click the Button with 3 Dots

11.  Now locate the v2c file you saved and click Apply Update.

12. For version 9 systems please restart the IA Services using the IA Service manager application found in the Windows taskbar -

13. The software is now licensed and you can run the ‘IA User Interface’.

14. To check that the license has been correctly applied, select Home followed by About and check that the display shows “Professional Features License: VALID” or “Enterprise Features License: VALID” as appropriate.

IA-PRO (Professional) Features-

·         Up to 64 doors and Readers (Hardware depending).

·         Time Sheet Report.

·         Fire Roll Call Report.

·         Fingerprint Enrolment.

·         AntiPassBack.

·         Preconfigured Logic for Airlocks and Turnstiles.

·         Elevator control.

·         Lockdown.

·         Object Groups.

·         Counters.

·         Timers.

·         Inputs.

·         Outputs.

·         Graphics Designer.

·         Events & Actions.

·         Email reporting.

IA-ENT (Enterprise) Features-

·         All of the professional features listed above.
·         Unlimited doors.