Knowledge base 115: Identity Access 8 – Morpho Sigma/Sigma Lite+ Pin Pad setup

Knowledge base 115: Identity Access 8 – Morpho Sigma/Sigma Lite+ Pin Pad setup

This requires an IA-PRO license if you do not have an IA-PRO license please contact

The following Technical Bulletin describes the 3 options of how to configure Identity Access to work with the Idemia Morpho Sigma/ Sigma Lite + Series readers allowing Pin + Biometrics, Pin or Biometrics and Pin Only.

Option 1. Pin Only Setup -
1. First ensure the Identity Access software is installed, watch the following video installation guide if needed and you can find the Identity Access Licensing Guide here.

2. Next please install Morpho Tool Box which is found on the IA-STD USB Drive under Extras or you can download it from our website
Email for login details.

3. Next setup your Morpho Device Profile within the IA Server Configuration application accessed from the Start Menu > All Programs > Controlsoft > IA Server Configuration

4. Log in & edit the Default Profile by following the screenshot below -

5. Change the "Log retrieval interval (Seconds)" to a minimum of 60 or if using an i-Net ACU disable this setting altogether by unchecking "Realtime logging enabled" as the i-Net handles the logs.

6. Choose "26 bit Wiegand" and select “i-Net ACU Mode” when connected to an i-Net Door Controller, or “Standalone” when the reader is being used as a Single Door Controller.

7. Add the Morpho Device into the IA User Interface, select the Biometric Device Profile you have edited and select “Accept Users with no fingerprints”.

8. Load the Download Server and click on Biometric Devices, click Refresh list. Ensure the reader comes online and perform a rebuild. Once the Device Status is “Ready” and the Tasks are 0 go to the next stage.

9. Go back to the IA User Interface and double-click the Morpho Device. Under Device Profile select “External Profile”.

10. From the IA User Interface add a new Group. Management > Groups > Click the green plus icon

11. Give the group a name and then select the "Morpho Readers" tab in the Group Properties and tick the reader you created earlier.

12. Click Accept.

13. Open Morpho Tool Box (MBTB) and connect to the Device.
14. Click on the Key Configuration icon. 

15. Scroll Down and change the settings below by clicking the entry in “Local”, changing the entry and click the Green Tick.

Local Setting          

16. Now enroll an Employee Pin to the system without enrolling the Biometrics.

17. Click the “Write” Button.

Biometric enrollment video guide found here if needed -

Option 2. For Pin OR Biometric under 1 user Setup -
1. Follow the same as above but when it comes to enrolling an employee you also enroll the biometrics along with the Pin by clicking the Fingerprint tab.

Option 3. For Pin AND Biometric (Dual Authentication) Setup-
1. Follow steps for option 1 above, but for the MBTB settings use the following instead -

Local Setting          

2. Click the “ Write ” Button. 

3. Now enroll an Employee, the Token Number should be the employee's card number and enroll their biometrics under the same user, the pin number needs to be entered first before the biometric is presented.
A biometric enrollment video guide can be found here if needed -